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The Major Points In Improving The Quality Of Education In The Remote Areas

Nowadays, in developing countries, majority of children in rural communities do not have a lot of opportunities to access formal education. Moreover, many people think that this matter can be solved by providing computers and internet access. However, I believe that it is better to provide more schools and teachers.

First of all, in the society, there is a paradigm that mastering computers and internet access are the key to improve the quality of education for children due to many advantages. It is considered beneficial since numerous information and knowledge which are gainned by students to understand the subjects better. Secondly, by being good at internet access, it will make students engage with current condition of revolution industry 4.0. For instance, the children can watch youtube’s videos about biology or do live streaming with others schools in capital city in terms of learning method of the teachers.

On the other hand, it will not be easy to educate them by using advanced technology if they do not have proper infrastructure or even eligible teachers in school. Therefore, increasing the number of teachers and schools should be done in the first place toward this issue. I believe that teachers who educate them will know what is their essential need. It is becaused learning is not about obtaining as much as information without improving students’ softskill, such as politeness, respect, and honesty. In addition, building many schools are also necessary to supply them better environment where they can interact with friends. Furthermore, establishing schools will help all children access education wherever they are. For example, children in Papua can go to the nearest school from home. By way of conclusion, mastering sophisticated technology is important for students. Yet in remote areas, the priority is about supplying the teachers and constructing the main infrastucture which is school.

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