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People have own right to end their life due to several reasons. one of the causes is experiencing horrible pain or diseases, which is diagnosed with no chance of life. Therefore, the solution which may be offered is allowing the euthanasia for them, at least they will not suffer anymore. In my opinion, this way can be said as doctors last treatment toward the patients.

Some people believe that ending life of someone is a crime and the main purpose of doctorsresponsibility is healing, not ending humans life. Commonly, people visit the doctors for seeking a hope to be cured. For instance, doctors should try to find a way discovering advanced medicines for their patients. However, not all medicines or even surgery procedures of diseases have been invented. Meaning that patients at that time will be suffering for a long time till find the cure.

In my personal belief, it is okay to conduct euthanasia procedures to those patients. As long as, there is no way for healing and under patients and familys consciousness. Nowadays, many people suffer due to their pain. Whereas, they have sacrificed a lot to get healthy, such as money, energy and time. Yet, the result is nothing. This action (euthanasia) is a last option which can be provided by doctor. In another word, doctor give a remedy to the patients. As long as, the patient and his family agree to do it.

The conclusion is if all of the efforts have been done with no impact. I personally believe that allowing doctor to conduct euthanasia is the last choice by having all the agreements.

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